August 17, 2022

He thinks she needs to be by yourself a little while prior to relationship once again

Sick and tired of getting sucked towards the Ki-tae’s conflict along with his mom, ily bistro in the future brush so you can their moms and dads. However, they usually have appear to informed visitors regarding their the fresh new cosmetic surgeon boy-in-laws once the even the customers are talking about the woman involvement, and you can she does not have any the heart to help you let you down him or her.

Se-ah reminds him that when they bankrupt its wedding 3 years in the past, it concurred that they weren’t cut-out getting strong dating

Wondering when Yeo-reum will-call, Jang-mi thoughts to help you Hoon-dong’s bistro to search for your, and you can hides whenever she sees Hoon-dong seated which have a lady whoever deal with she can’t come across. Jang-mi attempts to slip earlier her or him with the home, but Hoon-dong grabs their middle-sneak. He could be thrilled to get a hold of the lady, but once Jang-mi observes that lady with your is Hyun-hee, her face drops and you can she runs. I don’t know I favor the conniving little glint inside Hyun-hee’s eyes.

As if she does not end up being bad adequate, Jang-mi observes Yeo-reum leaving a beneficial woman’s car and hears the lady give thanks to your into blast today. The guy observes Jang-mi and you will consumes this lady damage term, but the guy doesn’t realize when she operates regarding the other-direction.

Ki-tae and Se-ah carry on the brand new time one she obtained on market, where they have a good buffet by the an admiration indoor pond. She tends to make an effective snide remark you to this woman is surprised how nice this put try, because she thought their tastes these days went way more on the “loud and you can loud.”

Ki-tae’s face hardens in which he incisions brand new big date brief, but she requires when the she will be able to started to his set. When he will not answer, she says she knows the guy prefers becoming alone and you can asks just what it’s regarding his family he enjoys a great deal. That is the next day they are become questioned one matter, and you may I’m curious myself.

Jang-mi lets by herself on her ebony and you may blank household, and you will remembers a time when she are smaller than average try left family by yourself, scared and you can whining on her behalf moms and dads. Meanwhile, Ki-tae lies alone during intercourse, contemplating Se-ah’s matter-of why the guy loves his home and you will recalling being a kid, pleased and you can safer within this exact same bed.

Someone rings their doorbell frantically, but alternatively out of Mother when he expected, it’s an inebriated yun. He isn’t about spirits to own providers and you can actually starts to phone call this lady a taxi, whenever she places his big aquarium and whines when the guy would not allow her to create ramyun next she’ll build seafood stew. She begins catching getting seafood together exposed hand, getting in touch with it Nemo. Ki-tae wrestles the lady out of the container, insisting so it actually Nemo, but not in advance of she is able to take you to definitely fish and you will drop it on the floor. Trembling with frustration, the guy cries, “Nemo!” and you may comes with the fish back in the fresh new container and roars during the this lady to go out of.

That it frightens Jang-mi so terribly you to she intoxicated-wails, so the guy caverns and you may lets the lady result in the ramyun. She rambles on the Yeo-reum’s complicated choices: As to why performed he inquire the girl to eat? As to why performed he state he would phone call? In the reason, Ki-tae throws a text to her…He or she is Just not You to definitely Towards Your. PFFT.

She claims they are more-convinced they, and he says she doesn’t envision sufficient…she’s only just from a love, and already seeking one who may have just revealed warm interest

Jang-mi requires as to the reasons Ki-tae does not want to track down hitched, and he quips he does not want to find stuck having a lady instance this lady. She asks throughout the Se-ah, and he merely says it esteem both too much to wreck they which have relationship.