NZ Group

NZ Group is a group of companies, with a strong position in the RMG Industry of Bangladesh. The companies under NZ Group are amongst best export-oriented garments organizations in Bangladesh. NZ group started with its first company – CA Knitwear in the year 1987. Within three decades of time, NZ Group rapidly became one of the most advanced groups of companies. The company includes sustainability principles into its business decisions with a view to empowering its resources according to its values.

NZ Group produces quality apparels for globally renowned retailers and is optimistic about upholding the reputation and status of the RMG industry of Bangladesh. NZ Group produces all kinds of garments products for men, women, and children. The Product category ranges from ladies shirt, t-shirt, tank top, shorts, nightwear, long pants to men’s polo shirt, t-shirt, rugby shirt, romper, loungewear, sports jersey, jogger and many more.

NZ Group has also entered into the logistics industry by establishing NZ Freight Ltd. NZ Group has four industries under its umbrella. They are N.A.Z. Bangladesh Ltd., CA Knitwear Ltd., NZ Accessories Ltd., and NZ freight Ltd.

Our Buyers

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Some combined statistics of N.A.Z Bangladesh Ltd. and CA Knitwear Ltd. and NZ Accessories Ltd.:  

  • Stitching lines 95 are running (planned 140)
  • Stitching capacity running 150,000 pcs per day (4 million pcs per month)
  • Knitting capacity 35 tons per day
  • Dyeing capacity 40 tons per day
  • Washing capacity 15,000 pcs per day
  • AOP capacity 23 tons per day
  • Placement print capacity 160,000 pcs per day (automated)
  • Embroidery 100 million stitches per day

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