We Put Our Environment First

NZ Group has gone above and beyond to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Mitigation and adaptation are considered to be an ongoing and continuous process for the betterment of the environment.
NZ Group has incorporated the following principles for the sustainability of the planet.

We Care About Our Planet

NZ Group Has Stood Out In The Apparel Industry As An Advocate For A Greener Existence. We Have Always Tried To Incorporate Eco-Friendliness In All Aspects Of Our Operations.

Our People Principles

We are committed to a sustainable business that is commercially successful, socially empowering and environmentally responsible. We know it’s our people who make NZ Group successful so we uphold important people principles across our organization. We provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment. We foster an organizational culture that promotes diversity, inclusivity, and personal development.
We treat our colleagues with dignity and respect and promote an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and victimization. Employing people in different countries means responding to different cultural and social norms and different employment law and commercial considerations. However, regardless of where they work or the job they do, we want everyone employed by the NZ Group to have pride in our company.
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Our People Are Our Backbone

We Ensure That Our Employees Are Provided With A Secure Work Environment In Addition To Various Facilities Including But Not Limited To Our Day Care, Medical Center And Cafeteria.

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