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CA Knitwear Ltd

Tradition is an integral part of NZ. Holding up to that tradition, we have the oldest member of the NZ family, CA Knitwear Ltd.
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CA Knitwear Ltd. was established in 1987 and since then, has grown exponentially in capability and size. CA Knitwear Ltd. represents a company filled with experience. Over the last 36 years, it has worked on every technique new and old – from creating simple single jersey and pique fabrics to the lucrative mercerized and Ponte fabrics.

Today, it has become a company with a yearly capacity of producing 1,10,000 pieces and dying 10000kg per day.

This grand company employs 2,200 people. Among its many capabilities, CA Knitwear Ltd. can expertly deliver work in jacquard. velour, bubble knit, mesh, waffle, two double layer rib, auto strike, ripple rib, 4 X 2 rib, and many more.

Its dyeing unit specializes on the chemical finish, functional finish and silky touch finish. CA Knitwear Ltd. expertly creates the fabric with Siro, high twist, Tencel, linen, Kashmir silk, and so forth.

CA Knitwear Ltd. experience of over three decades has attributed to be a robust, dependable and efficient partner to work along.

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