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NZ Accessories Ltd

NZ Accessories Limited provides a specialized service of the highest quality. It uses only the finest European, American and Japanese machineries paired with the best European dyes to give customers the print of their dreams.

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NZ Accessories Limited growing workforce creates an adaptable experience where they can customize their techniques to meet the needs of the customer. NZ Accessories Limited acts as in-house printing support for NAZ Bangladesh Limited, CA Knitwear Limited.

Providing rubber, pigment, discharge, photo, buff, glitter, Swede, flock, foil, metallic, burnout aed high-density printing services and more to its clients, NZ Accessories Limited are the specialists in printing and embroidery. With more than 15% yearly increase in turnover, its design development department and phenomenal attention to quality, NZ Accessories Limited is well on its way to doubling their current 1,92,000 pcs a day capacity.

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